He Iberian Ham It is key in our gastronomy, but there are other variants of ham that are also part of our daily life and that can sometimes be confused with Iberian ham.

And at first glance, Iberian ham and Serrano ham are very similar, but once you put them on your palate, you discover that they are completely different products. At Jamones Bodegas Torrero we want you to have all the information when it comes to buy an Iberian ham or mountain.

What are the differences between both?

Difference between Iberian and Serrano ham

  • Serrano ham comes from a white pig that can be found in other countries, while Iberian Ham comes from Iberian breed pigs, native to our country, with unique characteristics that make the products of higher quality.
  • Price is another differentiating factor, and due to the quality of Iberian ham, it will have a higher price than Serrano ham.
  • Another difference is in the diet of both. The Iberian pig is fed rich feed in oleic acids, while serrano does not, which has a direct impact on the flavor of the meat.
  • The elaboration of the Iberian Ham It is much more artisanal and is cured in natural drying rooms, while Serrano ham, in general, is cured in artificial drying rooms.
  • The color of the meat also helps us differentiate them: Serrano ham meat has a pale red tone, leaning towards pink, on the other hand, the Iberian ham, it is a more intense red, and the more Iberian it is, that is, the more Iberian 75%, the more red wine color the ham will have.
  • The hoof is white in Serrano ham, while one of the ideal characteristics to differentiate the Iberian breed is that The hoof of the Iberian ham is black.
  • The white pig is raised in warehouses instead, The Iberian pig with a green, red and black bridle is raised in the countryside..
  • The curing processes of Serrano ham must be cured for nine months to be considered a Winery, 12 months to be a Reserve and 15 months to be a Gran Reserva. Instead, a Bodegas Torrero Iberian ham must be cured for at least 24 months.
  • The identification of Iberian hams by ASICI regulations, to inform the consumer, We can see on their packaging the color of the ham seal, which can be black, green, red or white., which will tell us about its Iberian pig origin, the characteristics of its breed and diet.

Now that you know the differences it's time to taste some of our Iberian Hams Bodegas Torrero